Transport Management  

Transportation management systems (TMS) provide support for the following transportation business functions:
  • Transportation order management
  • Carrier bid and optimization management
  • Carrier and customer rate management
  • Shipment management
  • Shipment booking and tendering
  • Real-time event management and visibility
  • Business process automation
  • Reporting, documentation, and analytics

TMS are designed as single-platforms, which can bridge the gap between functional silos, geographical regions, and business units. The key benefits are minimization of transportation costs, optimization of service levels, increased supply chain performance and reliability, improved environmental sustainability, and automation of flexible business processes within the customer’s transportation and logistics networks.

In addition to providing the foundation for transportation management, other features of TMS are the following:

  • Transportation operational planning
  • Freight payment, billing, and claims
  • Fleet management
  • Transportation sourcing
  • Fusion transportation intelligence
  • Transportation cooperative routing
  • Forwarding and brokerage operations
  • Logistic inventory visibility