The digital landscape is changing the way the world operates.  What we once knew as trade barriers are now replaced by trade bridges, and physical limitations replaced by virtual facilitation. These continuing disruptions have opened up new opportunities for the digitally transformed companies, and serious threats for conventional companies.

In a bid to be the first to offer an even more powerful solutions, software companies are in a frenetic race to make the impossible possible.  And SAP Business One is leading the pack in the ERP space for small and midsize enterprises .

Here are some facts about SAP Business One:

  • Easy to set up and can be deployed in 2- 4 weeks
  • 60,000+ customers and still growing
  • More than one million users
  • Sold in 170+ countries and available in 28 languages (44 country versions)
  • 6,500 companies run SAP Business One in memory on SAP HANA
  • More than 500 industry-specific add-on solutions built by partners

Package Solutions

SAP Business One was not built to be a stand-alone system.  On the contrary, it was designed to be the core ERP system and database repository that can integrate with other third party systems to create a client-specific solution. SMITS has already created several business-specific applications with tight integration to SAP Business One via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create a cohesive, efficient, secured and extensible system. Clients can expect a lower investment cost for a packaged solution compared with separately purchasing or developing third party applications.  Check below to view the list of available applications.

Utilities Billing System

Capturing billing data, generating statement of accounts, and collecting payments for hundreds of thousands of utility customers require a more robust and stable system.  The volume of monthly transactions alone can put a strain on SAP Business One’s resources. SMITS has developed an application system to support the massive volume of transactions that must be processed within a short period of time.  The system covers the following:  capturing of meter data, processing billing statements, recording of collections, updating customer records, and generating analytics.  All transaction data are eventually pushed in SAP Business One for automatic recording in the general ledger.

HR Information & Payroll System

SAP Business One already provides a generic employee master data facility, but has left out payroll processing as this requires country-specific scenarios.  To resolve this, SMITS has partnered with a local payroll company to develop a stand-alone payroll system that can be integrated with SAP Business One.  Employee master records are maintained in SAP Businesss One, while employee self service (leave requests and approvals), attendance capture, and payroll processing are performed in the external application. The system includes an approval workflow to process approval of employee requests.

Point of Sales (POS) Solution

In today’s fast paced digital age, a Point-of-Sale (POS) system has now become a critical tool especially for stores, restaurants and retail shops. This enables shops to better manage inventory and offer various customer payment options (i.e. cash, credit and debit card, and online payments).

SMITS has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate the POS facility into SAP Business One.  The POS device can capture items purchased by the customer, record the payment, and print the official receipt, while also recording transactions in the general ledger.

Online Payment Facility

SMITS has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable clients to accept online payments from their customers through a third party software.  The solution includes email and sms notification, 2 factor authentication, and full integration with banks to complete the transaction.

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