Project Implementation

Implementing SAP products and solutions is not just about installing and running the software. Every project offers the organization an opportunity to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation.  There must be a conscious effort to review and align skills, competencies and capabilities with industry standards and best practices. Because at the end of the day, how the users will accept and use the new system is what will truly dictate the success of the project. SMITS has a long track record of successfully implementing game-changing solutions that creates real value to the San Miguel Group and select non-SMC clients.

Customization and Application Development

Despite the myriad of plug-and-play software products and readily available integrated solutions, there will always be a need to customize or develop additional applications to further enhance an existing solution, or create one from the ground. Even companies in the same industry or segment will have variations in how they operate, which is why SMITS continuously improve and innovate its application development capability to support clients’ unique requirements.

Maintenance and Support

At SMITS, we always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.  We know and feel the challenges they face every day — growing market share, developing/improving products and services, and continually improving efficiency and cost. To help our clients focus on running their business, we focus on running their systems.  Our clients can choose between SLA-based IT Retainership or Bucket of Services arrangements.  Either way, they know there is a company looking after their best interest.